Epson Printer Not Printing Black or Printing Blank Pages after Ink Change

Do you have an Epson printer not printing or printing blank pages problems? It is a pervasive issue that comes after ink change. Whether it’s a print setting, software issue, low ink, or something else, in this article, we try to solve all the Epson Printing Related Issue with your own.

The following are a few solutions to walk through that may help to fix error in the printing

Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink

Reset Ink Cartridge Counter

If your printer is not recognizing the new ink cartridge, or the ink counter would read it as empty. To reset the cartridge in some Epson Stylus models, pressing and holding the “Cleaning” button or the “Load/Eject” button for three seconds would do the job.

You can reset Epson ink

As per the normal functioning of printers resetting cartridges of the printer are more leisurely, so grab an object with a small pointed end—such as a pen or a paper clip usually works well on the reset buttons—so to press the tiny Epson cartridge reset button. These are the significant steps that you can use to reset an Epson printer ink cartridge.

Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Various factors are involved and are the reason behind the product to print blank pages, the issue in following such as the settings of the printer, low ink, or the product itself.

One can go ahead and follow the below-verified things before you reach any conclusion:

  • You need to place a product and need to check and make sure that it is placed on a stable surface, which is flat and extends beyond at the base in all directions. The product won’t operate correctly if it is at an angle or tilted.
  • Where the ink cartridges are old or low on ink, replacement is required.
  • Ink cartridges that are installed in your product should be out of any yellow tape on it before inserting it into the printer.
  • The paper of appropriate dimensions, as per the product’s specifications, should be used.

Note: The papers which are not supported are Vellum and Transparent papers

  • Check on the nozzles is not clogged by printing a Nozzles check pattern and clean the print head, if necessary.
  • In your printer software, we need to check that the paper size, orientation, and layout settings are correct.
  • Check and confirm that your document does not contain any blank pages. On your printer software, if it has a Preview option, with the preview, you can check for pages that are blank before you print and remove them, if necessary.
  • Further, you have a fantastic option of Skip Blank Page in Windows or a Mac, Which you can easily select in your printer software.

Epson Printer Not Printing Black

It has been noticed that when sometimes you try to print black and you won’t be able to print black ink, and other colors will print fine, or none of them is printing. We usually browse the data on Google and try to find the proper resolution to fix the problem. But we get across several printer forums without any proper resolution. We have a support team also proving support on the same issues, but most of the time, it so much time consuming and not worth, so we’ve up with a list of significant steps that need to be followed when your printer stops printing in black.

  1. To completely shut down your printer, you can do the same by disconnecting it from the power source and fat the same time make sure that no USB cable is connected as well to the source. This step is followed by plugging back the printer to the power supply for reconnection. As you do so, we can turn your printer back on by the help of the power button.
  2. Check and try for “Quality Diagnostic Report” or a “Test Page printing”.
  3. Usually, the printer’s user guide is available for the step by step instructions. Further, most of the printers have the printer display screen on which you can check and verify the option as all of them are available on it as well.
  4. A proper check of ink in the cartridges has to be confirmed with double-checking the levels on ink in it. When we purchased aftermarket cartridges there usually is the problem with the ink level verification. So, to determine whether or not the ink cartridges are faulty you would have to follow some stipulated steps

Determine Your Ink Cartridge


  1. Cartridges that are low on ink or empty need to be replaced.
  2. Ink cartridges are plugged into the right slot in the right place, and slots in which cartridges are inserted have to be fitted correctly.
  3. Remove the tape over the vent while installing a new cartridge and verify the same.
  4. If in case the cartridges vents are clogged. Use of a pin can clean up the clog on the vent, which is clogged usually, and to clean the clog, a pin can be used but have to be done gently. Whenever the cartridges vent is closed.
  5. If your printer used to work with an old cartridge, sometimes installing cartridge that you were already using and checking for the print on a printer or any output even after grey shade is available. Instead of using a different ink cartridge to determine whether your printer can recognize cartridges.


Most of the time, it is the print head or the cartridges, which is creating issues. While using your old cartridge, if you’re print prints fine, then it’s not the print head. The black cartridge, which is recently purchased, can be the cause of the problem that needs to be replaced as that can be faulty.

Determine Your Print Head

  1. If changing ink cartridges won’t work, the next thing to check is your print head. If any clogging is on, the print head needs to be checked. You can try to clean the print head from the printer with the automatic cleaning option available to clean the head. Sometimes if it’s not possible, then you can clean it manually.
  2. You are trying to clean the print head automatically, and the feature doesn’t work. We can try to run it a few more times, taking into consideration the time limits.The limitation on the number of times you can run an automatic cleaning feature is a constraint. And, usually, this function of running the automatic print head cleaning features uses up a lot of ink!

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