Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0X97 : XP-830 and WF Models

Epson Printer Error Code 0x97 is a warning caused when there is a problem with the internal hardware. Most of the time can be because of the motherboard failure or other interior parts. As the error occurs, which happens suddenly, and this may lead your printer to stop printing. Hardware failure may require a quick fix or replacement.

How to Fix the Epson Printer Error Code 0x97

Following are some of the solution provided which are given below:


Solution #1: (Try to Unplug and Plug-In Wires):

  1. Try to disconnect all the cables which are connected.
  2. Remove the USB drivers.
  3. Detach are withdraw all Print cartridges.
  4. When the printer is unplugged. To discharge all remaining power from the printer, we need to click and hold the power button down for a few minutes 
  5. Then insert all USB peripherals and plug in all cables.
  6. Reinstall ink cartridges in the printer.
  7. Power on the printer again.
  8. Identity if the error message reappears again.

Solution #2 (Unplugging and Plug-In Advanced Method):

  1. Unplug All the wires and Switch off the Epson printer.
  2. Disconnect all peripherals and cables, which include any USB connected.
  3. Wait for some time till the printer cools down at least for 5 min.
  4. Push and hold the power button and don’t release it! At least for a minute
  5. Click on the power button and hold it in a way that you don’t release it, and you have to keep holding the button for an extra minute.
  6. You can stop pressing the power button. And go and check for any error message popping up.

Identify any Malware Attack to fix  Error Code 0X97

Try some of the following software solutions if you got a problem connecting the printer to the computer.

  1. Malware bytes: It is software that is used to protect computers and is sufficient in protecting you from infections like malware, ransomware, and any suspicious or malicious websites and other advanced online threats, which may be the cause of the problem as with time it has made traditional antivirus obsolete.
  2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus: This software is efficiently designed in a way that takes care of users from malware and is explicitly used for computers, including software’s like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS installed.
  3. Advanced System Care: Usually comes with an optimization tools kit, which includes an uninstaller, registry fixes by one click, defragmenters, and more. It is efficient enough to be called a Swiss Army Knife of a PC utility.

Solution #3 (Clean Clogged Epson Printer Nozzles):

Usually, Epson users figured out that the right fix for this error was individually cleaning the printer’s head nozzles.

Way to Un-clogged Epson printer head nozzles

It’s effortless to clean the printer securely; to do so; one has to check the manual or guide provided along with the printer. However, various v-logs can be referred to if you don’t want to damage the Epson’s internal hardware.

  1. Turn off your printer and then remove the cable plugged in the power supply and addition that on your computer.
  2. Open up printer case.
  3. Pick up a segment of paper towel; bend it in a way that it could twitch under the printer head.
  4. We can damp by using the ammonia and fluid used for head cleaning on it.
  5. As the printer head moves, find the middle of the path it moves on and places the soaked paper towel below that.
  6. Uphold the print head at the center in such a way that the tissues soaked in ammonia are under it.
  7. You need to keep it there for 12 hours.

Solution #4 (Troubleshooting Microsoft’s Printer):

You can grant access to a free troubleshooting tool for printers, which are allowed by Microsoft. You can try running it to see if it can suggest any fixes.

Solution #5 (Microsoft’s Printer Troubleshooter):

Come people suggest and say that this Epson support page will help you update your printer’s firmware.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you can run it, and then go through all the default settings, and it is undoubtedly going to update your printer. Usually, this fix has worked for many Epson printer users to fix Error Code 0X97.

Solution #6 (Head & Nozzle Cleaning):

Epson print head cleaner, nozzle cleaning – flushing shackle nozzles:


It’s usually a dried out cyan nozzles where the concepts about cleaning the print head and cleaning the nozzle is required. To fix this, generally using a syringe and sometimes a silicon tube can come to rescue. Surfing the internet and browsing on Google to find the way of opening the upper lid in the scanner unit of the Epson printer and further exposing the way access the printer heads for cleaning.

You can browse through some of the options given on the internet with which this can help fix this error.


There are varied accessible options; however, you are going to recognize five essential steps that can keep your Epson professional printer operating without a glitch.


Below are the required steps to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x97:

  1. You would have to clean it.
  2. Then wipe it.
  3. At the same time, close it.
  4. After that, you can turn it off.
  5. And finally, cover it.

As time passes, use cleaning sheets to thoroughly clean off, dust, and other debris that might accumulate on the feed roller.

With the help of clean cotton, cloths try to keep the printer clean. Further, with the help of cloth feeder, sheets have to be cleaned, and at the same time, printer exterior can be cleaned for any dust to the minimal.

The trays used for the printout and all feeders should be closed when you are not using the printer. This will help your device to stay clean and away from any dust particles which get into print head and rollers. Once you are done with your work and do not need the printer, you can turn off the printer by clicking on the power off button.

While following these steps, you can keep your printer and print head clean and, at the same time, make sure you nozzles are dust-free.

It is also wise to cover your printer when out on vacation or plan not to print for several days. Always any improvised sheet can be turned into the cover and can be customized in a printer cover.

Rather than being afraid of the Epson Printer Error Code 0x97, it always and optimum idea to follow standard maintenance practices for optimum results.

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