How to Connect Canon mg3620 Printer to WiFi

Before connecting the Canon MG3620 printer to the WiFi network, we need to confirm that the wireless connect router is available and properly set up also confirm your computer is connected to the network.

Connect Canon MG3620 TO WIFI – Wireless Setup

  1. Click the button which says WI-FI on your MG3620 canon printer and wait till you see lights on it.
  2. You will see a colored button on it and presses click the button before pressing the Wi-Fi button on MG3620. You will see the WI-FI lights are turned on and lit.
  3. Now check your MG3620 printers if the power light is flashing press the stop button.
  4. Now press and hold the network button on your printer until the wireless icon begins to flash.
  5. Find the WPS button on the router, and for further more details, refer to the router manual.
  6. Click and press the router WPS. This needs to be followed immediately after activating WPS on your printer.
  7. When the wireless icon and the signal display on the printer together, the MG3620 printer is connected to a wireless router.

Install Software: To Connect Canon MG3620 TO WI-FI

Install the bundle CD Rom that came with cannon PIXA PRINTER MG3620 with the printer or go to the website of the canon for the required set up.

  1. Open the downloaded file on your computer to get started.
  2. Click on start set up.
  3. The installation program will try to acquire information about the latest drivers and software updates, which may take some time.
  4. Select your place of residence and click next.
  5. The license agreement screen will appear to click yes to continue with the installation of MG3620.
  6. An extended survey program will appear this option program is used for development and marketing if you wish to participate click agree to install if you do not click accept it won’t install.
  7. If you have security software, you may see an option to uncheck or check the block based on the option to remove conflict.
  8. Now the driver will install, which may take several minutes.
  9. The next print head alignment screen will be displayed and load plain paper into the printer.
  10. Click print head alignment of MG3620 and then click start and follow the on-screen instruction.
  11. When print head alignment is complete, press ok
  12. Then test printer screen will appear if you want to test print on MG3620 click next you can skip test print by simply clicking next
  13. If this is your default printer set it as your default printer as your printer is connected to the computer
  14. Now software would be installed, and this may take several minutes.
  15. Then you will be prompted to register a product you can choose to register this time, and a new screen will appear.
  16. After registration is complete, you can continue with the installation
  17. Now will see a screen with message successful installed CANON MG3620 select finish.
  18. Now can you enjoy printing successfully?


Contact Canon Support – HELPLINE

The above steps are the major breakthrough of connecting the Canon MG3620 printer to the computer following the steps given above when you face issues connecting the Canon MG3620 printer to WI-FI.

Are you still facing an issue? Look for helpline or toll-free number for canon!

Usually, all printer brands have a dedicated support team. These teams are generally available 24*7 for the support to their consumers. So whenever a user is facing issues with the printer or any concern which they are not able to resolve on their own, they may get in touch with qualifies and dedicated support team on their toll-free numbers. These representatives can help you in the resolution of the issues that you are facing in a short period.

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