Setup or Connect Brother Printer to WiFi

Here in this article, get help for How to connect Brother Printer to WiFi and what to do if you lost connection between your printers and wireless network. Poor network performance can also cause the problem while connecting to the wireless printer setup.

To set up the brother printer, you should have some important details available with you:

  • Details about the “SSID” or “ESSID”) which is the part of the network details.
  • Details of the keys, which include Security and Encryption with password details, usually part of the network key.

Below are the various ways to connect the brother printer to the wireless network:

1. Try to connect power supply wire to the brother printer and, in turn, connect the same to the electrical supply. This can be followed by turning the brother printer on again.


2. Select the Menu button on the machine’s control panel.


3. You need to alternatively press the Up or Down arrow key to move to the option of network and press OK.


4. Further, click on the Up or Down arrow key to select WLAN and press OK.

 (All printers won’t fall in the same category and hence won’t follow the above step)


5. You need to press the Up or Down arrow key alternatively and then choose Setup Wizard and press OK.


6. When you see the option to enable WLAN, we would have to choose Yes to enable the wireless network.

 This will start the brother printer wireless setup, wizard.


7. The machine automatically searches for your network and displays the available list of Network Names (SSIDs). When you get the required list of SSIDs, You need to alternatively press up or down arrow key to verify the SSID you wrote down earlier, and click on the option OK.


8. Then follow one of the following:

  • An authentication and encryption method would require appropriate access to the Network Key or password.
  • You would need to enter the Network Key; press the OK to apply your settings. Then choose Yes to verify.

Sometimes you can locate and find the encryption is showing NONE. And the authentication mode is open; we would have to move to the next step.


If your Brother machine connected successfully If the connection failed
The LCD displays of the machine show Connected. Check the error code on the printed Report, printed by machine on a wireless connection

Brother Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Following these steps can fix the problem first; one should reset the network settings on the brother printer. You need to turn on the power on brother printer WiFi, and then press the menu key. Go to the network by using the up and down arrow button and clicking the OK key. Further, go to the network reset using the up and down arrow key and click the OK key again.

What are the ways to Fix Brother Printer issue in connecting To WiFi Network?


Usually, people face brother printer WiFi setup issue while installing and setting-up brother printer due to the several primary reasons:

  • The Wi-Fi details are sometimes incorrect, which can be one major cause.
  • There can be an issue with the router access point.
  • The weakness of the signal strength can be a significant problem
  • Issues related to the printer itself.

But the best part of all this is that one doesn’t require a technician to fix the problem, because with a general guide handy you can go through following the steps in it and you will be able to fix the problem in no time.

Brother Printer not connecting To Wi-Fi Network go for Guide to fix the issue:

STEP 1: Signal Strength Needs a Check?

STEP 2: Powers Flee the Printer and the Computer:

STEP 3: Wi-Fi User and Password needs to be checked.

STEP 4: Make necessary changes in Encryption Type, Name, and Password.

STEP 5: As an alternative network setting, a factory reset can be performed.

STEP 6: Wi-Fi channel set up on 9 or 11.

STEP 7: Using WPs to connect Brother Printer to WiFi OR auto-configure option

STEP 8: Printer firmware updates.

STEP 9: Factory reset the printer

Brother Printer won’t connect on a wireless network

Before starting users should know about wireless network settings, below are some wireless printer settings of your access point or wireless router setup.

  • Power on the Brother Printer
  • Try to reset the wireless connection of the brother printer using the Menu button
  • Click on the option OK.
  • AS you go, you need to select the network reset.
  • In order to choose YES on it presses 1.
  • You need to choose 1 again to initiate the reboot.
  • As you follow the required steps, you will see the printer will restart automatically and rest the network.
  • Follow the instructions as you connect the brother printer to WIFI.
  • Hence the brother printer connection is successfully established to WiFi.
  • Go through the guide that you have received with the printer as the WI-FI Set up has started.
  • Click and check the option of OK and press the same.
  • You would require finding and selecting the OK and click the same three times to start the wizard of SET-UP.
  • You would be required to enable WLAN as you see the message and press OK twice.
  • While you see the list of wireless network choose you WI-FI Network to connect with using the required password or key of the router to connect the brother printer to WI-FI.
  • Then further choose the required option and select OK and press 1 to apply settings.

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