How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi  – Wireless Printer Setup

Usually setting up or connect the Canon Printer to the computer and through a WiFi connection is a major task involved while you are trying to set up the connection and it can be tedious as the outcome of it is unvaried. A variable result won’t be possible in most of the situation. Thinking of different steps that you use on setting up the same printer on the same WI-FI and router can even be tedious just because of the nature of implementing the configurations.

When are you trying to set up your Canon printer to your WI-FI network? People go and spend a lot of time and sometimes do not come up with an accurate and prominent solution:

Setting up the canon printer is not usually the easy task

Part 1: Prominent ways to connect the canon printer to WiFi

Connecting your Canon printer to your WI-FI isn’t an easy task, so follow the required steps in order to get the solution:

1) To turn on your printer, you need to click on the power ON button. And when you do so, you would have to verify the lights are available on the printer just to make sure the problem is limited to software and not to any hardware concerns. When you don’t have specifications available as per the manual of Canon WI-FI setup and of course the WEP password provided to you.

2) Using the arrow button through the setting go to devise settings and press OK. These keys provided on your keyboard play a significant role when you are configuring the device settings. AS the basic configuration of the same is the primary element for setting the first element used for configuration of canon printer on WI-FI.

3) Using the arrow button go to LAN Settings and press OK. This will help you in the LAN configuration.

4) Drop down to the option by using the arrow button to go through the Wireless LAN set up and press OK. And the configuration follows with setting up the LAN as per the required configuration.

You will see the lights blinking while the printer is searching the WI-FI Set up.

5) Sometimes the set up takes too long that skipping the set will take you to set the Wireless LAN Manual Set-Up.

6) Using the arrow key go to the Wi-Fi Network set up and while you get it to press OK.

7) Using the password that is available enter the required password and then presses OK.

Set the printer directly by the USB cable or by the internet connection or allow it to connect automatically.

Getting Ready to Install

You need to verify the connection while setting up the printer and check for the printer is plugged and power on, in all cases. While you are setting up the printer to cable connection to access the internet which is possible only by Ethernet connection and other ends of the printer hooked to router.

Usually, a hardware CD can be used for the installation of the software before you set up the printer for the printer installation.

  • Usually, it is not necessary to use CD for installation and follow steps for the installation. But in past CD installation was more common.
  • However, when you are on Mac Book, you may need a CD for installation.

Internet connection establishment on the printer

While it is more common to use printer panel usually LCD in most of the cases to select a wireless network and capture its password.

  • One can go through the manual and follow the instruction on how to connect the specific printer in the wireless network or the internet.
  • Usually, you can go online and browse instructions that support the establishment of the Canon printer by referring to the specific Canon’s printer’s model.

You would also have to identify that the printer and the computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

In case, your printer is connected to a network other than the Wi-Fi network your computer is connected then you need to change the Wi-Fi network and make sure it is connected to the computer with the same Wi-Fi connection.

Printer WI-FI Setup CANON Printer


Out of the choices available from the different brands of Printer’s availability in the market, it is usually found that people are fond of Canon printer for high-quality printing. So it is highly recommended that you have hands-on the steps involved in the setup of the Canon printer.


There are various steps that can be followed by the user to set up the Canon printer. While you are thinking about how to set up a Canon printer on your Mac, Windows or any other phone you can easily download Canon print App and press the wireless button the printer will automatically make the setup quickly. At the same time, you enter the Wi-Fi password and the name available.

Various methods of Connecting Canon Printer to WiFi

There are multiple methods, and the 2 primary methods for setting up a wireless connection is using the WPS method or a standard method for connection establishment.

However, it is always essential to ensure that the Canon printer can connect to the internet before following the steps.

Connecting through WPS method:

This is the simple method where a WPS push button on the router can be used to connect the printer to the windows or Mac operating system. You can find the connection setting of the wireless on the computer and enable WEP security.

  1. We need to power on the Canon printer and ensure the router is in the proximity in such a way WPS button can be accessed easily.
  2. You need to turn the lights ON the printer by holding the Wi-Fi button for 2 minutes.
  3. After waiting for 2 minutes using the router click on the WPS button
  4. As the blue light turns on, as it is searching for the network and as it is connected to the wireless network, lights will get stable.

Further, try printing a test page to check the connectivity and put the sheet into the printer to figure out that the printer is working correctly.

Standard Connection establishment of Canon printer

When the feature of WPS is not available on the router which can be used to establish a Wi-Fi connection with the Canon printer we can use the following steps to connect Canon printer through the standard method.

Connect Canon Printer to WiFi – Setting up the Network

  1. A network setting can be done when you connect the printer to a computer.
  2. Install the paper tray with the required set of papers.
  3. Alternately click the cancel button and then the hold button for few seconds.
  4. While the information page is setup take the printout to check the connection and verify the network name as well.

Support site can help you set up the canon wireless printer on various computer software, either windows or Mac respectively.

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