Canon Printer Not Responding – Troubleshooting Code B200 Error

The most basic reason behind Canon printer not responding is the insufficiency in exchange of communication between the computer and printer. Click and use the Setup button on your wireless Canon printer, and with that, go to the Wireless LAN Setup, and choose the option OK. Go to the easy setup and confirm the configuration by selecting an option, OK.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting Steps

Go for some easy Canon printer troubleshooting steps

Using the option of troubleshooter run the same

Check the Spooler of the printer and turn on the Print Spooler service.

Choose the required ports by allocating them correctly.

Then go for the driver updates

Canon Printer Not Responding

When you are trying to print from canon printer mostly if it won’t print or you get an error message as “Canon printer not responding” while you are on a computer with windows 10 software or some old version. This is an issue usually faced by the people who are of WI_FI connection but may be limited to people on a wired connection. The risk of facing such a problem linked to a wired connection is limited and negligible; however, the occurrence of the same on a WI-FI connection is more.

Most the issue where the canon printer won’t print or canon printer is not responding can be because of some usual concerns figured below:–

Improper configuration of the printer drivers on the wrong port can be the reason that the canon printer won’t print.

The access point selected during the first set-up was selected incorrectly will be a reason canon stop printing.

There may be cases where an antivirus software on your computer conflicts with the printer software, or maybe it not able to establish a connection with the USB while connected with wire to the printer and computer.

When you get the error of the “Printer Not Responding “or won’t print, you can use the below methods which can help in resolving the problem we have found quite prominent fixes which can be used to fix the problem efficiently. You can try permutation and combination of all the repairs until you find the solution and have a method handy to fix the situation.


Method 1: Rebooting your network connection

You need to verify a proper set up of the printer, which has to be connected to the same network to which your computer is connected .while using the wires connected; you need to verify the cables are connected correctly. Once you checked the basic configuration, you can restart the printer and your network connection. To do so, you would have to plug-out all the cables from the modem or the router simultaneously

Method 2: Check for the Printer Troubleshooter Availability

Mostly this is not considered helpful. However, the resolution has been optimum in some cases. You can quickly launch the troubleshooter following the quick access guide and use it to fix the “printer not responding” error.

AS you go through and follow the required steps, and once you find the problems are detected for printer drivers, you will be given the option for repair. You can click on repair or accept the option. “Apply this fix and follow the reaming instructions to compete for the repair.

You can shut down and turn on the computer and see if the problem is resolved.

Try other steps if the issue is not resolved.

Method 3: Turning off the security suits and any firewall software

The primary cause of the issue revolves around over-possessive security software, which is usually the third party and not the usual window firewall built-in software. The primary software commonly involved in this issue are (Norton, Avira, and Kaspersky, etc.). Usually, this causes a problem with the spooler services and leads to a significant problem and can be fixed by disabling the third-party security software’s detected on the computer.

Method 4: Unplug and reconfigure the USB(When you are using wired connection only) troubleshooting

Mostly the issue with the port using USB and connected through the wire can cause a critical problem, and this can be taken care of by using a different USB port. Then let the printer do the reinstallation of the required drivers for configuration of the printer and then restart the computer again. After this, you can unplug the UBS, and in the device, the Manager tries to look for the exclamation mark. If you see exclamation marks, try to re-install the drivers and then repeat the process of restarting the devices and check the resolution of the issue, and if the issue persists, you can move to the next step.

Method 5: Reconfiguring Canon Drivers and troubleshooting via DELDRV64.EXE (wireless connection only)

If you have gone through all the processes and still are facing the same problem, then only steps left is the technical steps followed by cannon technicians for troubleshooting. Most people have blogged about various stages after talking to technicians who involves using a verified uninstaller used to remove drivers and trying with the WEP or the wireless key on the printer. You will install the required drivers from the official page of the cannon printer website.

Usually, a RUN window careens where and the option of DELDRV64.EXE can be used to open Canon’s Uninstaller app. And then, with the option of the driver removal prompt, you can remove drivers and then restart the computer. Further, after the printer turns on type the required WEP key or password on your wireless network which verifies that it connected

Finally, restarting the device will help you know whether the issue is resolved or not.


This a critical error B200 is linked primarily to printer hardware this error is specifically related to print head is not working and needs replacement. Usually, we can try to reload and download new drivers from the internet or any back up if available as corrupted driver files in the computer can cause this B200 error. We can try to unplug the printer and keep it like that for a few hours before we restart the printer again

There are various ways by which you can fix canon B200 error:

  1. You can try to unplug and plug the printer after resetting the setting of the printer.
  2. Try to see if there is anything that conflicts with the printer ad try to remove that.
  3. There are some options available in the printer to clean the print head, which can be used like Printer maintenance pc options.
  4. Clean the print head manually.
  5. Changing the old ink and downloading the new printer drivers and try to use new ink cartridge to resolve canon B200 error.
  6. When none of these fixes work, it means that the issue is hardware as correctly shown on your device as B200.

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