Brother Printer Won’t Turn On Solved

There are various reasons because of which the brother printer won’t turn on, and hence you won’t be able to print.

We can try several alternate methods to restore the supply of power to the Brother machine:

Step 1. Unplug the power cord and be it like that only for at least 30 seconds. Using the ON/OFF button, we need to press and hold it down, and after waiting for some time, we can re-insert the power cord to the back of the brother printer.
Step 2. One has to wait for 30 seconds after unplugging the power cord from the brother printer.

What is the reason behind the brother printer not turning on or won’t turn on?

While holding the Power Button, we need to plug in the power cord back and then after waiting for 60 seconds you need to release it. Always double-check for damage in the wire or breakages and make sure the battery inside the printer is recharged. If this is not able to fix the Brother Printer Won’t Turn On issues as well, we can go with the hard resetting option.

Below are some significant steps that need to be followed to fix issue brother print won’t turn on:

  1. Use your figure and click on the MENU option.
  2. You can click Up and Down to get the SET-UP option, and when you see that, click OK.
  3.  Click on Up and Down to reach the RESET option, and when you see that, click OK.
  4. You need to select the appropriate option in the Table to REST the machine or get out of the process.
  5. Then press the required OPTION in the table to exit the process by rebooting the device.

Usually, a connection that is established is faulty, or the power cord can be damaged all together but is an uncommon problem but can be a reason for printer not turning on. But before reaching any opinion suspecting a cable can be a concern, we need to make sure that the power outlet is OK. Using the substitute peripherals can confirm the problem with the connection.


Fix Brother Printer Won’t Turn On Issue

Usually, the power switch is the Printer ON/OFF button, which is electronically connected to the printer and is not used to connect or disconnect the power manually. Based on the various models available in Brother Printer, the software may hinder the operations of the power switch, which was held down for too long or too briefly or maybe because of the doors, or the access panels of the printers are not closed correctly. We need to turn on the printer again and detach all the cords and then wait for 30 seconds before we can plug in the power cords. Usually, while using the larger printer, you would have an option of the physical power switch, which is under the access panel or near the power cord.

Power Supply Configurations If Brother Printer Won’t Turn On

In case you have access to the larger printer, which is linked with a single power cord connected directly to the back of the printer. Usually, the wire connected to the printer may not be removed because of the inbuilt Ac adapter. While the case with small adapter s is different, which consist of external AC adapters and transformer boxes? Usually, an alley connected to the wall as a plug can be used from which a power cord runs to the adapter and a separate cable that may connect the printer to the adapter. Usually, multiple plugs with different wires and adapters may be attached permanently.

Printers with Built-in AC Adapters

When the printer has a connect cord and that too a single wire that cannot be disconnected, you cannot test the cable. And when an outlet for the power attached to the wall is verified, and you can’t find the condition from the printer to turn on, you would need a professional Technician. But when the power cord can be disconnected, you can use a different wire and check as usually the connector for all the cables is a universal C13 connector commonly used by monitors and computers.

Printers with External AC Adapters

Most of the printers use power cords, which are connected to the two ends where on end is connected to the wall outlet, and the other end is connected to the AC adapter. So, we can use a different cord that can be used to identify if the cable that we were using is faulty. Usually, different cables that are low in voltage and some different types of adapter can be used if they are feasible to be used in that model of brother printer. When in some cases, the testing of the cords or adapters is not possible, and then we may have to consult the technicians or some specialty shops for computers. Mostly the defective wiring can be a concern.

Advanced Testing of an AC Adapter

The average electric tester can be used to check the AC adapter connectivity and conductivity of the voltage wires. Usually, some breakage in the wires of the connecting plugs can be an issue fixed by often replacing the plugs. You can quickly get the plugs replaced from the shops specialized in the replacement of plugs or try online. We should always consult skilled and trained electricians or people who are dedicated to electronics.

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