Fix Brother Printer Offline or in Error State Windows Problems

Ideally, the Brother printer won’t get easily into the error state or offline. But most of the time, its printer, which is not connected appropriately or the printer jammed, usually ink level and changes in software can be a major concern. There are various reasons, which cause the problem of the Brother printer to get in to offline or in an error state. While you are checking the primary solutions, it’s always recommended to verify preliminary steps and use them in a way to fix the printer problems.


  1. Identity and check the Printer Connection: Make sure that the power cords are connected, and at the same time, the USB cables connected respectively to the wall and the computer. Check for any issue in the power cord and unplug all wires connected at the same time. As this can be a significant reason for a Brother printer offline issue
  2. Restart the Printer and Computer: You can restart the printer and computer and let it be like that for a few minutes, and then we can restart the printer and computer again. This process of shutting down and then restarting the devices can sometimes fix the brother printer error state.
  1. Check the ink levels: When the brother printer ink is low and is about to finish, it is always recommended to change the toner. Mostly you get the notification about the little ink on the printer and the computer, respectively, in order to fix the issue you would need to replace it.
  2. Check Brother printer Paper jams: Always use the recommended paper for the print outs and while you end up in getting this problem it’s highly recommended to remove the stuck paper in the brother printer to remove the paper jam from the tray.

Brother Printer in Error State

There are various reasons because of which the Brother printer will get into the error state most of the time the printer is not connected or is jam, and sometimes the ink may be a concern where it is low ink issue or the changes in the software or some recent updates. You would have to check and verify the connection is established correctly by the power cable hooked up to the wall outlet and the USB has to be appropriately connected with the computers.


Why all of a sudden, your Brother printer gets into the error state mainly because of some specifies cases that are available on the monitor. In some cases, it will remain hidden and unidentified. 


Usually, when the Brother printer is in an error state often, the primary cause is shown on the monitor while, as in some instances, the reason why the Brother printer is in error state might be a secret. Instead of the rigorous investigation and sometimes hit and trial methods to find a solution won’t allow you to reach any conclusion, so it’s always recommended to use a series of troubleshooting steps. If you still are not able to fix the problem, you can try for live chat or speaking to customer care directly.

It’s always recommended whenever your brother printers in error state always go with the required troubleshooting steps to make it work again. At the same time, you need to verify that the USB and the warless connection to your printer and computer are functioning correctly. Going through the professional Brother Printer support is always an add-on. Based on that, our technician has verified techniques that will resolve all issues linked to the same concern.

Have you checked and verified the all-important troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article?

Most of the time, if the problem can’t be fixed; you need to look for the advanced option and select advanced troubleshooting steps to fix the error in the brother printer.

Solution 1- Whether the brother Printer Status is (Offline or Paused)

While the printer appears offline, the reason can be either the drivers of the printer are not working correctly or else the software program is corrupted. Most of the time, the printer can be old, which is the primary reason for the issue or the updated which are not up to date. This problem of Brother Printer offline is not specific to the brother printer only and is possible with other printers as well. There are various steps given below with which you can fix the problem of offline brother printer error quickly.

Step 1: In the Window 10 software go to search and type control                                 

Step 2: Move your mouse to the option of the control panel at the top.                                                  

Step 3: Select the hardware and sound option and then choose the sub-option of view devices and printers.

Step 4Choose the printer by clicking on it and verifying or selecting the default printer option as a selection. 

Step 5: Further, you can Right Click on the printer, which is set as default, and then you can choose to see what’s printing.

Step 6: By selecting the printer and click on it on the extreme left.

Step 7: Un-check the option of Use Printer Offline or pause the printer.

Step 8: Shutdown and then turn on the printer again and check if the problem is fixed and the error is gone.

You can try different varied steps if you are still getting the Brother Printer offline error:

Solution 2- Fix the print Spooler Service status – Fix Brother Printer Error State:

This is the essential service when it comes to performing tasks from the computer in the form of communication to printer as printing tasks and restarting the spooler services will allow the printer to remove the previous print jobs and fix the error and restart it services. Below are some of the steps and ways used to fix the print spooler service error.

Step 1: Go to the search option in windows and type the command cmd.

Step 2: Always start the CD in this case as an administrator.

Step 3: Make changes and turn on all the user account control access.

Step 4: Using the stop spooler services type net stop spooler (it should be written as two words separately) once you do that, you can click on the ENTER from the keyboard.

Step 5: As you see, the required services of The Print Spooler have stopped successfully. We need to enter the net start spooler and then click on the ENTER from the keyboard again.

Step 6: You can close the Window of the CMD when you see the spooler services have started working successfully.

Step 7: We can shut down the printer and computer and then restart the devices again and try printing test pages.

We can use solution 3 when unable to fix the problem of the brother printer error state:

Solution 3- Clear Print Spooler Files and Restart it:

Files linked to the print spooler services need to be cleaned as this can be a major reason for a paper jam.

Delete the required Files for the Print Spooler: –

Step 1: Go to the C:\ Type Windows choose System32\then Spool\and finally Printers folder and in that folder find the files that need to be deleted and delete all files

Step 2: Go to the Run box by pressing the Windows key + r and go to the folder from the keyboard and then though the path and reach C:\Then Windows\ go to System32\click Spool\Printers Click on OK.

Step 3: Use your mouse and click the continue option and remove all the files by clicking on delete all.

Step 4: You need to get out of the windows out and reach to the folder C:\Windows\then System32\ click on Spool\then go to Drivers\and choose W32X86 and remove the entire file from the folder and close it.

Restart Print Spooler Service

Step 1: In Windows 10, you have a search box where you can type services and then with a mouse click on Services or BY clicking on the (Windows Key + r) open the RUN box and then type services.mscin it.

Step 2: Locate the services linked to Print Spooler service and then with the mouse right-click on it.

Step 3: Go to the option which says Restart and .the allow it to restart the computer and wait for the process.

Step 4: Then you can shut down the Printer and Computer at the same time and turn on both the Devices and see if the problem is fixed


Try solution 4 if you are still getting that error state message on your Brother Printer.

Solution 4- Turn on the PnP Detection while using Windows 10

When you are on the Windows 10, you need to turn on the Legacy Plug and Play detection. Before you are ready, please turn off the computer and then turn it back on and further follow the below steps.

Step 1: In Windows 10, you have a search box where you can type services and then click and type devmgmt.msc and hit the OK.

Step 2: Select the option of Device Manager.

Step 3: Go to the top of the window and choose the view option and select the option Show hidden devices.

Step 4: Locate the required Ports (COM & LPT) and then choose it to expand the list.

Step 5: Go to the Properties by using right mouse click on ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

Step 6: In the General, Tab chooses the option of Port Settings.

Step 7: Click on the option of Enable Legacy Plug and Play Detection to use any interrupt assign to port.

Step 8: Press the button, which says OK to save the changes.

Shut down and turn on the printer and check whether the issue of error state found is gone.

Solution 5- Printer Driver Updation to fix Brother Printer Error State

We can update drivers of the printer from the computer automatically by using two primary ways: – By going online, which allows your device, usually, your computer to find drivers automatically, and the second method is using a CD or the back up for the manual driver installation. Below are some steps where you can discover how to use both the ways to fix the problem with driver updating.

Update Drivers automatically for your Brother printer online

Step 1: You need to go to the search option in the windows 10 and then to use the keys on the keyboard type device manager or open run box and type devmgmt.msc and then click OK.

Step 2: Select the option of Device Manager.

Step 3: Go to the top of the window and choose the view option and select the option Show hidden devices.

Step 4: Go to the option of Print queues and choose that to expand the list.

Step 5: You can use your mouse to click on Brother Driver and right to update the Driver further choose option Search to update drivers of software on the printer.

Usually, windows search it for you, and with the required mentioned steps, you can install the drivers by following instructions.

Update Drivers Manually for your Brother Printer

Step 1: Search the internet and go to the website of Brother Printer and choose Brother Support & Downloads Page.


Step 2: Look for your product through the list using “Search by product category page.”


Step 3: Go and choose your product series.


Step 4: Select the required brother printer Model.


Step 5: Choose the Operating System you are using on your computer and select OK.


Step 6: Check for the Full Driver & Software Package (Recommended) and choose the same option.


Step 7: Use your mouse to go to the bottom of the page and click on YESfor the option of EULA and Download.


After the download is complete, follow the necessary steps shown in the Brother Printer instructions manual.


Go through the required instructions about the page installation and then downloading the required latest Driver on your PC/Laptop.

Solution 6- Delete and then install the Brother Printer again

After using all the above ways and instructions, if you are not able to fix the issue and still are getting an error state, there is the ultimate solution that might help you. You can start from scratch by removing the printer and then adding it back and check whether you are still facing the same problems.

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