Brother Printer Is Not Printing – Reason and Troubleshooting

There can be a common reason a networked Brother printer may stop printing, and that can occur because the connection between the computer and the Brother machine is lost. However, the reason this can occur because of the wrong settings or configuration of the printer driver. So when you can print, Firewall can be enabled again. Here in this article, you learn how to fix won’t print by some Brother printer Troubleshooting.

Why is my Brother printer not printing?

There are numerous reasons behind the printing issue in the brother printer. Some of the specific reasons involve insufficient toner levels, paper jams, internal jams or worn outs, or out-dated printer drivers.

Printer, not printing- Printing Error:

We can go ahead and check all the below option before reaching any conclusion:


If the issue persists, you can cancel the print job, and further, the machine needs to be turned OFF. We can try printing again after turning the printer ON back.

  1. Check if the cable is loose (when you are using a USB cable)?
  2. We need to check the indicators are not blinking red, usually available LED indicators.
  3. Check for the media roll compartment cover and make sure it’s closed?
  4. Check and verify the media Rolls is installed correctly?
  5. Make sure that enough roll is available?
  6. Make sure that the roll guides aren’t touching the side of the media roll?
  7. Where are you printing over a network? (RJ-2050/2140/2150 only)
  8. Where are you printing via Bluetooth®? (RJ-2030/2050/2150 only)

How do I fix Brother Printer printing problems


Brother Printer troubleshooting

1) Identify the printer’s power source

  • The LED lights are lit if the printer has sufficient power supply.
  • If you see a steady LED light on the power button, this would indicate that the printer is on.
  • In most of the cases, printer error can be identified when the error lights are lit or blinking. You need to perform the repaid check on the icon/button that signals the error. Most of the time, errors in the tonner and paper can be a concern.
  • If all wires are plugged, and despite that, no lights are on, you would have to verify that your power outlet is connected or reattach the power cord. Most printer errors can be fixed by merely re-plugging and unplugging the power cord.

2) Verify the connection between the printer and PC

  • A secured connection needs to be established between the printer and the computer, and we can reattach the connection if required 
  • Verify that the PC is connected with the printer. Open your PRINTERS and DEVICES and click your Brother Printer model.
  • Check your printer status is set as the default printer. If not, add the printer device on to the computer and set it as your leading printer.
  • The access point and router are commonly shared by PC, and the printer should be identified with a proper check. Proper verification of Ethernet cable and manage access point settings need to be taken.
  • Verify that the printer status is not paused, offline, or not set as default.

3) Verify that the printer driver is up to date

  • Obsolete or outdated printer drivers can cause various printer errors.
  • Usually, the latest version is required, which can be used downloading utility drivers b.) Visiting the Brother Support website, one can update the printer.

4) Perform a cold reset

  • You would have to perform a cold reset, as sometimes everything seems to be okay, but your Brother printer is not printing from PC
  • Performing a cold reset or network factory default setting reset will delete all archives and current settings. Therefore, one needs to be cautious and would have to set a backup before doing this solution.

When encountering printer issues with your Brother Printer, these are the first solutions you can try before calling in a printer technician or Brother Customer support service.



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